QuickPen PipeDesigner 3D Training

AutoCAD Civil3D 2011 Fundamentals

ESRI Campus Training Completed

Editing Spatial Data in ArcMap: Tips and Tricks (Aug 20 2002)

Exploring the VBA Environment (Aug 29 2002)

Getting Started with Surface Analysis using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst (Oct 15 2002)

Labeling in ArcMap: Tips and Tricks (Mar 09 2002)

Migrating Coverages into the Geodatabase (Apr 19 2002)

Using ArcCatalog: Tips and Tricks (Dec 27 2002)

Working with Variables and Functions in VBA (Sep 22 2002)

Migrating from ArcView 3.x to ArcGIS (Jun 04 2001)

Basics of ArcView 8; Displaying Data in ArcView 8; Working with Spatial Data in ArcView 8; Working with Attributes in ArcView 8; Querying your Database in ArcView 8; Presenting Data in ArcView 8

Learning ArcGIS 8, Part I (Jun 05 2001)

Basics of ArcGIS; Displaying and Georeferencing Data in ArcGIS; Working with Spatial Data in ArcGIS; Working with Attributes in ArcGIS; Querying your Database in ArcGIS; Presenting Data in ArcGIS

Learning ArcGIS 8, Part II (Aug 30 2001)

Displaying Layers; Working with Labels and Annotation; Displaying Locations from Tabular Data; Analyzing Data with ArcMap; Presenting Results

Learning ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 (Aug 28 2009)

Learning ArcGIS 10 (2011)

Dale Carnegie Course:

Effective Communications & Human Relations / Skills for Success