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Patrick Air Force Base GIS System

Created GIS shapefiles for environmental, biological, historical, vegetative cover, and stormwater management including extensive attributes, database linking, and hotlinks to detailed CAD drawings. The GIS data created was required to conform to strict standards defined by the client. Detailed metadata was required for all layers created for the project.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Created land use GIS shapefiles, potable well inventories, and facilities maps.

45th Space Wing

Extensive environmental GIS & data management over many sites on CCAFS, PAFB, and KSC including Land Use, Soil Types, and soil and groundwater contamination assessments.

KSC: Decision Process Document

Produced SWMU and PRL Location Map, Water Quality Maps, Soil, Land Use, and Generalized Groundwater Flow Maps, and Generalized Lithologic Cross Sections.

KSC: POL DPT Investigation

Horizontal and Vertical Isoconcentration contours for identifying extent of contamination from contaminated source area. Used ArcGIS and 3D Analyst to model contamination plumes at different depths below surface. Used MapInfo and Borehole Mapper to create lithologic profiles and project sampling point depths and results vertically. Results of vertical mapping were exported to Corel Draw for final layout using layer organization.

KSC: GSA Facility Phase 1 RFI

Geodatabase-centered contamination maps. Used maps, points, and coordinates from different sources to consolidate a master set of site features to be used as a base for all contaminant concentration figures. Microsoft Access and Excel were used to query and present results in table format for each sample location (“spider” diagram) through ArcGIS.

KSC: Orsino Yard RFI

General Site Layout, Sample Locations, Groundwater Flow Characteristics, Sampling Results, and Land Use/Land Cover Maps.

St. Johns River WMD

Lake Jesup Water Quality Study. GIS Maps including Land Use, Contour Maps, Sub-Basin Delineation, Groundwater Modeling Base Maps, Bathymetry, and Water Quality Results Summary maps based on modeling results.

Southwest Florida WMD

McIntosh Park Enhanced Stormwater Treatment Wetland Project. Converted photogrammetric data from CAD-based to organized ESRI Shapefile formats including thorough metadata creation.

Seminole County Master Plan

Constructed geoprocessing models for the creation and processing of water, wastewater and reuse demand data. Mapped reuse alternatives for the Service Districts throughout the County. Created a database to allocate flow data and calculate flow projections.

Seminole County: Subdivision Drainage Investigation

GIS data creation and mapping for a county-wide assessment of drainage problems in subdivisions. GIS shapefiles populated with attributes used in the annotation of 70 subdivision maps and 23 detail maps.

City of Cocoa Beach: Stormwater Master Plan

GIS data creation including land use, soil types, basins, sub-basins, impervious areas, and stormwater nodes and piping over the entire City of Cocoa Beach. Shapefile data was populated and intersected to calculate areas for use in stormwater modeling software. Modeling results were used to create Pollutant Loading maps that illustrated the potential pollutant discharge to the Banana River, and to identify potential BMP locations and types which were created over the City.

City of Melbourne: Unidirectional Flushing Program

Created an interoperable GIS-Database system to schedule, track and maintain the City’s flushing procedures. Simplified data entry forms were created in an Access database to enable non-GIS users to enter planning data into GIS maps without the use of GIS software. The GIS data was automatically mapped via weekly published status and scheduling maps which were also published on the City’s website for public information.

City of Port St. Lucie: Master Plan

Data management, GIS analysis and mapping of water, wastewater and reuse master plan models.

City of St Cloud: GIS Data Conversion and Merge

Analyzed existing GIS data in GeoDatabase and shapefile formats to determine the best method of merging shapefile and existing GeoDatabase data. The process included maintaining existing GeoDatabase attributes while matching geographic locations to shapefile data to produce a final product that contained both tabular and geographic accuracy. Assisted the City’s GIS professionals by providing individual training.

City of Tampa: Water Delivery Optimization Project

Performed nodal influence area assessment and GIS spatial overlay to accurately assign 130,000 water meters to a water transmission hydraulic model. Created master database to process demands for linking to the hydraulic model.

City of Tarpon Springs

Proposed Sewer Infrastructure Design. GIS Soil Type maps, Sewer Piping & Manhole Layouts using ArcView GIS to position manholes at specified intervals along the roadway.

Asgrow Florida Company Site, Plant City

Modeled potentiometric surface maps using ArcGIS and 3D Analyst, mapped contamination exceedances with trend analysis graphs.

Crystal Springs Road Park

Modeled potentiometric surface maps using ArcGIS and 3D Analyst, GIS queries identifying water supply sources for properties around the site vicinity.

Pall Aeropower

Performed CAD basemap conversions to GIS shapefiles including sampling location categorization using existing AutoCAD layers. Mapped contaminant concentrations through live Access database connection and plume contouring of concentrations.